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Tuure Toivikko

he he, cool!



Perez Hilton and others have posted videos from the opening, including the overweight girl dancing (was supposed to be a guy??) to "Gimmee More" and the whole show is just to poke fun at britney... with Chris Crocker there... so did he know that was what it was when he went? Wow, some fan... yet another lie.


I would VERY MUCH like to see photos from this event!!!!

Demon Kitty

14, you have so much more going for you than this current "Bobby Trendy".

Only Rue Paul can pull off the screaming queen thang with class. The rest of those bitches can go to hell. Shitney should be memorialized in front of the nastiest public bathroom.


crockers 'art'?? hahahahahaha

totally agree with post #1

just wonderin

Yeah Erick, be very afraid, that Cracker Kid is such a scary talent.



Chris who? Already forgot about him, man!


WOW! Congratulations 14! You have hit the big time. Do you think Crock-o-**** will invite you on his upcoming TV show?

I thought the NBC deal was great, but showing your art in the same gallery as cry-baby Chris--well that put's the cherry on the cake, doesn't it.

Why don't you sculpt bubblegum?

I have an old sheet of used bubble-wrap and I call it Brittney because it used to pop but it doesn't anymore. Can I enter it next to the gum scupture? Maybe Chris Crocker will lay on it and take a picture of himself.

Enough of him. Exposure is good and I am happy for you.

I love your cheetos paintings. I think you give B.S. her last hope at stardom.


Somehow I get the feeling that my artwork and the artwork of other admirable artists on display at tomorrow night's show will go unnoticed, since everyone in attendance will undoubtedly be kissing Chris Crocker's ass, while oogling his "artwork."


I love your paintings, and it's a shame they should be outshined by a myspace photo of a guy who is known for crying. You should bring your Chris Crocker painting and show it to him! I bet that would make his day, because who wouldn't want to be painted by 14?


Oh, you know what would be cool for the photoshoppers here, if you did your own "filters" results using celebs as before-after (totally different from chopping off pounds, readers...).



Thank you for your kind words, I needed them today.

I wanted to submit the Photoshop in a Can piece for this show, but I went all Pygmalion on it and can't part with it right now. I'm going through a massive art crisis and Photoshop in a Can is my beacon in the night at the moment. Soon, I shall release attachment to it and perhaps someone will be crazy enough to buy it.



I wish you had submitted your 'Photoshop in a Can' for Britney.....that was my favorite, and it DESERVES to be showcased!
You are unbelievably talented!

Demon Kitty

I have no comment about chris cocker.


Oh my, Chris Crocker's 15 minutes have started!

Way to go, 14! Now, you have talent.

just wonderin

In my world Chris Cracker doesn't exist. If he exists in another world it must be the one filled with the people who thought Britney actually had a talent at one point, and has now "lost" it. It might be the world that Paris Hilton can influence to help "the poor kids" just by going to Africa. I like my world better, it has 14 in it, creating treasures! Thank you 14!!

Viper Tetsu

Sounds like fabulosity, and congrats on yet more exposure, Rock Star(let)!

Someone needs to do a sculpture of La Tarte du Pop in a Plaster-of-Paris paste composed of pulverized Cheetos and Red Bull.


WOW. A mildly humorous, but cheesy/act video. An appearence on A major(?) late- night TV show. Multiple site hits. Nude photos online. Your own TV show deal,... AND a gallery showing? All for that?

I totally concur with what Randell said about the state of the culture of celebrity!(But, I gotta admit, I kinda knew that already). Don't make it any better, though.I still believe talent will still ultimatly win out. That's you 14!


That Chris Crocker is a case study in Gender Dysmorphia.


So it's official - the apocalypse is nigh.

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

Dang, I did a Britney piece and they didn't ask me, can I pout now?

Your Brits are fantastic, Ms 14. I love the way you get her skin texture to glow from within yet still be pimply on top. Genius!!!

Knox Bronson

And who says there is no culture in la-la land?

an all britney show ... well, 14, in some way, i'm sure gota was the inspiration for the show!

love the ones you selected for the show ... it's always amazing how you hit the perfect note: the mix of humor, satire, disbelief, and love.

which is why you are in a league by yourself.

Katie V.

$1000 for the Crocker photo? What a crock...They should have gone with more of 14's work instead. How did they narrow it down to just those two, I wonder?


so crocker's contribution to the "just britney" art show is... a self-portrait photo.

the culture of celebrity is more fucked-up than i thought.

(as always, 14, love your stuff--i'm happy to see the pantyless pinocchioed britney painting again!)

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