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OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!! Just today discovered your blog - am enamored! Thank you!


Bwahahahahaha!!! OK, I'm black and the handbag illustration made me laugh so loud and so long that my co-workers are probably afraid. Phew.

“Mdk, you need to take responsibility for the way you framed your declaration. You did not say “all” however “of” stands in for “all.” Of is a part of a whole. You did use “of.”

"However, they completly ignore the fact that 69 percent of African Americans; mainly women are infected with HIV/AIDS."

“No one reading what you said could be expected to know that you meant 69 percent OF new cases. It clearly reads 69% of African Americans”.

Carolina, you’re right. I did use of and I am not backing away from that. My apologies if I wasn’t clear. I did not mean to say or type or generalize in a negative way. My comments were meant to be informative not combative.
pathetic: “You can critizise celebrities for adopting (saving) a child when YOU have saved a child yourself”.

PIA FREEMANTLE: “This is just plain wrong. These people are giving these children a better life and your are drawing cartoons in bad taste. White folks just dont know how to act”

You are entitled to your opinion, but let me ask this question… When was the last time you volunteered to be a big brother or sister to a child? In addition, when was the last time you volunteered at a homeless shelter? If you have, that’s wonderful and it’s a great feeling. Now, add a celebrity to this equation. What purpose does it serve the child to be constantly photographed and the celebrity posing in front of shelters or the refugee camps? Why call the tabloids papers for that? It has been said that the celebrities who do adopt children from other third world countries why hasn’t these children been on the front cover of some magazine?

I don’t know why some people make this into a racial issue when it clearly isn’t one it’s about exploitation. Oh well…

When New York Times Reporter, Nicolas D. Kristof brought to light the genocide of Darfur, and Lisa Ling on the serious situation of North Korea; this needs media attention.


This is just plain wrong. These people are giving these children a better life and your are drawing cartoons in bad taste. White folks just dont know how to act


Mdk, you need to take responsibility for the way you framed your declaration. You did not say “all” however “of” stands in for “all.” Of is a part of a whole. You did use “of.”

"However, they completly ignore the fact that 69 percent of African Americans; mainly women are infected with HIV/AIDS."

No one reading what you said could be expected to know that you meant 69 percent OF new cases. It clearly reads 69% of African Americans.


The rise in HIV/AIDS among Latina and African-American women is because they are being infected by their men who are on the "downlow".


R U thinking of ways to TURN PARIS HILTON INTO A TOAD? this is the spell for you check this link to you a tube video out...hilarious...


You can critizise celebrities for adopting (saving) a child when YOU have saved a child yourself.


I was referring to statistics in case studies. …and no it doesn’t mean ~ALL~ African Americans are HIV/AIDS nor did I say 69 percent of ~ALL~ African Americans or women are HIV/AIDs.

According to the CDC April 2006 factsheet, out of 33 states in the past few years, it reported over 60 percent of all HIV/AIDS cases were African American women. HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death for African American women aged 25–34 years # the 3rd leading cause of death for African American women aged 35–44 years. # the 4th leading cause of death for African American women aged 45–54 years and for **Hispanic** women aged 35–44”.

African Americans make up 10-13 percent of the US population, and over 60 percent of all HIV/AIDS reported cases of that group is afflicted with HIV/AIDS, is alarming in my opinion. Moreover, people are either totally oblivious, in denial or defensive and rather harp on the subject instead of looking at the facts. If more famous people put their focus on this epidemic at home, perhaps they can educate, protect, and thus prevent.

Angel H.

MDK: You said, "However, they completly ignore the fact that 69 percent of African Americans; mainly women are infected with HIV/AIDS."

If 69% of the people reported to have HIV/AIDS are African-American, that does not mean that 69% of **all** African-Americans have HIV/AIDS.


Excellent work 14!!!Once again it speaks to
the PC and to the racist minds. If anything it has a voice for the innocent victim the African babies. It speaks to ME in support of the race in question and it being used for publicity and "accessorizing". If anything it is "against what it stands for"????I think therefore I am........


Quote by Morning Glory

“I can't believe with all of the vitriol being hurled here no one has bothered to challenge mdk's assertion that "69 percent of African Americans; mainly women are infected with HIV/AIDS."

“Are you kidding me?! First, are you talking about Africa or America? Because the people living in Africa are Africans, not African Americans. And second, that statistic is completely untrue in either case.

Everyone is so worried about who's racist and who's not that nobody seems worried about the facts. Come on people, pay attention!”

NO! I’m not kidding you! Hmm... I thought I wrote African Americans? Regarding the statistics: The Kaiser Foundation reported that new HIV/AIDs case that the highest rates were African Americans (69%) and Latinas (60%) compared to white women (53%). …but may be overestimates. However, look at the CDC fact sheet it’s 68%.

Stunning isn’t it? Granted, my numbers may be off, but those are incredibly high figures as well as disturbing. I thought my community was in crisis, and I didn’t think that there was a problem in the African American community until I saw that news special on the August 24, 2006. It was titled: "Out of Control: AIDS In Black America," by the late Peter Jennings, and concluded by Terry Moran.

It’s reported that African-Americans make up 13% of the U.S. population but account for over 50% of all new cases of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. That infection rate is eight times the rate of whites. Among women, the numbers are even more shocking-68% of all newly diagnosed HIV positive women in the U.S. are African-American women. African-American women are 23 times more likely to be diagnosed with AIDS than white women, with heterosexual contact being the overwhelming mode of infection in Black America.

In addition, when Mr. Moran was speaking to Jesse Jackson about the crisis in the Black community, Mr. Jackson couldn’t even answer the question. He evaded the question by talking about AIDS in Africa, and Mr. Moran kept reminding him about America.

This is why I wholeheartedly agree with the artists' commission. Again, with Shinings statements about doing something in your own backyard before you help others abroad.

Morning Glory

I can't believe with all of the vitriol being hurled here no one has bothered to challenge mdk's assertion that "69 percent of African Americans; mainly women are infected with HIV/AIDS."

Are you kidding me?! First, are you talking about Africa or America? Because the people living in Africa are Africans, not African Americans. And second, that statistic is completely untrue in either case.

Everyone is so worried about who's racist and who's not that nobody seems worried about the facts. Come on people, pay attention!

Josh Maday

My pants. I pissed 'em.

You know how much I love the Madonna with Child and the baby-as-handbag-accessory, 14. Not too long, though, and ole Madonna will be an accessory herself.

Okay, I'm going to change my clothes now. And throw away my computer chair.

Professor Zero

LOL! :-) This is 'wicked' and funny, and no, it's not racist!!! Adopt at home, I say, and/or support Third World babies by sending food money to their mothers.


What’s really is ashame or I should say amusing is that some of these people (Just Another Opinion) are so obsessed over these celebrities one would think you were making a personal attack on their mother, brother or lover or whatever…

The fact of the matter is these people (i.e. actors, musicians, and political figures) live their lives through the public. They depend on the public for their livelihoods, votes and approval. They made the choice to put their lives on display and they are aware of it, yet continue to pursue this by any means necessary. Without public support, these people wouldn’t be famous. Nevertheless, the constant attention to these people created such frenzy, no wonder these people feel as if they’re Gods. …and not all of us read Star or the Globe. Some of us read, and I rather not hear or read about some actress who gives tabloids the heads up on where and when she’s going to be picking up baby in the Wall Street Journal.

The purpose of the illustration and others is to provoke thought and opinions. That’s why there’s a comment section. If the opinions are causing you to have such an emotional reaction, perhaps you shouldn’t come to the site.

Yes, most of us here love this artist because her drawings reflect the issues with the culture of celebrity. Whether it be a ditsy hotel heiresses who are only famous for their slutty behavior; children of the famous who are literally dying to be thin; young actresses and popstars so depraved of an all-ready media spotlight, show their crotch at just about every photo op. Older actress who are serial homewreckers or aging rockstars using the plight of orphans to boost their damaged image. Although, I don’t feel Madonna didn’t need the publicity to go that route, it should’ve been discreet. Either way, the children are treated as trends, hence the pictorial.

A few years ago, there were several celebrity adoptions from China due to the country’s two-child limit law and it was girls who desperately needed to be placed because boys were favored. Moreover, they were private adoptions without exploitation and those actors that commented expressed concern for the welfare of the child. You see the difference? I suggest you look at Warren Buffet if you are looking to worship a true charitable saint.

Bucky Turco

WOW. Amazing. Holy shit are those good. And btw interesting gnostic insight there Wash Cube.


Funny, funny I'll take one - there so darn pretty.

Washington Cube

Interesting that you put Madonna in red, since the Virgin Mary/Madonna is traditionally portrayed in blue, while it's that whore Mary Magdalene who is depicted in red. 0:)

wake up and smell the coffee

Ooh, the breeders are seethin'!
Thanks for the jellybeans!

Mihoshi Marie

Wake up and smell the coffee, you are a fucking dumbass. Go back to your room and cut your wrists some more, you demented fangirl. Or should I say fanCOTTAGE CHEEEZ?


Oh for crying out loud, there's nothing racist about this FUNNY picture. AT FREAKING ALL. I also think Keisha was either trying to be funny or stir up some sh**, in either case which, great job!!! :) I do however think wake up and smell the coffee needs a big fat Greasy Bear hug and a sh**load of sugary sweet jellybeans to counteract all that bitterness--seriously, "hormone-addled cow"? "Breeders"? Do they not have group therapy where you live?

Much love as always to you, 14!!! :)

Demon Kitty

Thanks Deanna for thinking I am bad ass. I wish I could maintain my bad ass erection, but alas ... oh well!

Now everyone don't forget, EWAN MACGREGOR adopted a Cambodian Baby!

Demon Kitty

Mr. Man

After alls said n' done, bottom line at the end of the day,.."Just as long as they spell your name right!"

Keep Rockin' Baby!


I am ashamed! I am very ashamed! -writes this down on my list to ask for forgiveness for before Yom Kippur- Anyhow, what was I ashamed of? Oh right, being concerned that a human life is placed in the control of another for the wrong reasons. Horrible of me.

By the way, if I were Madonna's close friend, do you think I would be in a position to criticize her? And do you think she'd pull me over and say, "Psst- I'm adopting babies as a bit of a trend- you know how it is. Another bottle of champagne my dear Kai?" (That's exactly what she'd say and you know it! And it would be Mumm's champagne!)

Fine, my point being- I had no idea Nicole Kidman and Meg Ryan adopted children- how wonderful for them. But if this issue with Madonna and AJ has reached my celeb gissop ignoring ears, then I'd say the PR machine is running well.

(As a note I would like to remind people to not worry about being PC and as long as no obvious slurs are avoided, you'll be fine. As a minority I can say it actually kinda annoys me when people get all PC and you could be wrong in your PC term- where would you be then? Tell it like it is. Kai likes honesty.)


the kabbalah bracelet, people, the bracelet! the frame looks like it had been purchased from an African Curio shop! (note, i am not taking Africa as one country, Since i am from the East of Africa, i should know better)


Wow, I've never been pulled into comment sections before. But 14! Call me the Good Witch of the West and I will counteract any spell given you with my pink and sparkily powers...
I hate to hear you're being criticized for your work. If we take a step back, we can agree or disagree with what you create, but it is the freedom of this country that you can express yourself however you see fit... without being called names or threatened with evil spells or voodoo dolls!
Anyway! I had to add another of my two-cents if only to let you know that I'm cheering for you, 14. I hope you never, ever stop and 30 years from now I'm laughing with my children (adopted, fostered, born, stolen, created via lab, cloned, or whatever crazy method I may use) at your art!
Try sleeping with some fairy dust under your pillow... if you don't have any, glitter will work just as well!
Good luck 14. Fight the power!

PS ~ I wouldn't really steal children. I might, however, clone myself a few dozen times...


oh dear, the name callin' has started. No worries Claire, you should see some of the angry emails I've been sent over this thing. Yep, I've been called every horrible name in the book and then some. On top of that, a freaky woman calling herself a witch threatened to put a spell on me. I fear I shall awaken tomorrow morning and will be turned into a toad. Hmmm, now that I think about it, being a toad could actually be lots of fun - thanks witch lady!

Thanks for your comments everyone...

Just Another Opinion

You people should be ashamed of yourself! Absolutely ashamed.

First of all, is Madonna or Angelina Jolie a close and personal friend of yours? Do you hang out with them and their pool boys on a regular basis sipping Green Apple Martinis while shooting the shit? No?? Than how dare you have the audacity to judge them based on journal and magazine articles.

How the hell do you know they're terrible mothers incapable of loving their adopted children to the full potential? Why? Because Joile married BB Thornton suddenly shes an "unfit mother?", or because Madonna sang from a Crucifix at her concert? Open your goddamn eyes people - you chastize Madge and AJ for being such terrible people yet there are thousands moms using their babys diaper money to shoot heroin into their arms. Please, give me a break.

On top of that, what about Nicole Kidman - should we freak out on her to? She has a black / african American (trying to stay PC here) adopted child - did she do it for publicity?

What about Meg Ryan? She just adopted a child from China - damn, that attention whoring hussy!

If youre going to bash Madge and AJ better throw those into the mix as well.

Regardless of their intentions (which I truly do not believe Madge and Aj are doing it for publicity and you people are demented to think so) I think it is amazing that these children will have so many oppurtunities, so many chances in life and will inevitabely avoid a life of hardship, disease and poverty. Shame on you all for marking up their good will as PR. Maybe if they were holding their babies with their legless crotches up in the air and a bottle of vodka in the other hand they'd be looking for attention...

That said, if I see Paris Hilton with an adopted Third World Baby I might change my opinion.

Wake up and smell the coffee

Claire, you're an idiot. I'm no huge fan of Angelina Jolie, but what she said was that she didn't automatically love her bio kid more than her adopted kids, in fact she felt they needed more from her because they hadn't been privileged from birth. I'm sure she is feeling pressure from The Stupid People (like you, dear) who assume she will make her adopted kids take a backseat to the Holy Vessel now that she's here. To me, her statement indicates a thoughtful and loving person, but hey; the Stupid People (hello, Claire!) think this means she is some sort of monster.

As for newborns being blobs...they ARE blobs, and only a hormone-addled cow would think otherwise. She also said Shiloh is now developing a personality as she gets older, which is a far cry from saying she is a "blob with no personality". Read again for comprehension this time, my double-digit IQ'd pal.

Jesus. What IS it with you breeders and your weird cult of 'baby is perfect/baby rules the world/baby is god', anyway? You're the kind of person who moos about the wonders of babies, until you meet someone pregnant for the first time, and then the truth comes out. The war stories, the blood, the horror...I've met so many women like you. I pity your kids, lady.


I love the David Banda Vuitton, that's awesome!!!


The best thing about Angelina's adoptions is that she has now come out and said that she loves her adopted children more than her natural child and even referred to Shiloh as a "blob" with no personality. Methinks somebody is trying a wee bit too hard here.


Demon Kitty,
you are a bad a** and i admire and respect you and would hope you would try to make a guest appearance at the Bad A**es of America monthly meeting or at least contribute a few words of wisdom to the Bad A**es of America monthly news letter. Stacey i must concur with your comment. now snowballa, just what makes you think the majority of women or men or both, that give up their young do so unwillingly? if you have never had the pleasure to work for family social services i would encourage you to do so as to learn more about the human spirit my friend, perhaps the peace corp even. you seem to focus on the continent of africa when addressing the issue of adoption, however, there are some very memorable places in poland i have seen that are comparable for media value, however there are no flies buzzing around the heads of these little white children, BUT, they are caged inside of cribs, changed every few days, and fed expired milk from bottles with mold (no running water for rinsing and stuff) using a nipple stained from mildew. Of course celebs wouldn't be interested in polish infants because you know you shouldn't wear white after labor day, or so they say. but back to your idea of building hospitals and schools and communities of love in third world countries; now who, pray tell, will be infinitely funding these feel good projects? didn't you already make the point that the richest nations barely donate 0.1% or some tragic amount of money to the countries IN africa? you know george orwell wrote this book called animal farm. i recommend it for those who have these wild and crazy thoughts about utopia. so far as rebuilding society, just what would you propose we rebuild? for crying out loud we can't stop stealing from ourselves to fix the iraqi neighborhoods we destroyed for the sake of liberating them, despite the fact they are sitting on tons of oil. they are worse since we came along with our westernized ideologies about government and neat thing like that, never mind we are notably a gazillion dollars in debt as we rebuildish neighborhoods. now would i like to go to a country located within the continent of Africa for research and both teach and learn? Yes, but what that i can't because the tribal folks who have a monopoly on the adoptable black babies have said their pr people have them booked solid until fall with all the hoopla of save the world, save the child, save the condom, save the clitoris, save the this and that. Now then snowballa do i agree sahara,aj's daughter, is going to have it rough? Momma said yes sir cuz let’s keep it real, you cannot put gel in a black child's hair and just call it a day. i do foresee a macy gray day for that child once the afro pops free around 4 or 5 yrs old and brad and angie are sitting on a couch with a jar of grease and a cornrow comb trying to figure out just what the hell they're gonna do now. and you know madonna ain't answering her phone cuz she's just as clueless, no wait she's got dennis rodman on speed dial. Lord help help the little black children.


Snoballa, how is an "orphan" going to be raised by parents, if both the mother and father have died from AIDS as happens all too often on the continent of Africa. Nothing wrong with adoption if it is done for the right reasons...Love and concern about the welfare of these vulnerable, little, human beings...not to gain a little publicity and higher approval ratings. 25
years from now, I can't wait to see the documentary - "Mommy Dearest - The Next Generation"
Yes, the drawings are offensive, but only because they so blatantly tell the truth!
Great Job 14!



I mean, the celebrity adoptions, sorry, I didn't specify.


Brilliant work 14! Your site is one of my all time favorite websites. You crack me up, keep up the good work!
Snowballa, I think you had some extremely relevant information to share. But you "always say that adoptions are bullshit"? Do you mean ALL adoptions, or the adoptions that 14 is satirizing? I truly hope a woman who sounds as intelligent and passionate about social justice as you do, would not hold such a completely ignorant belief that all adoptions are as ridiculous as the ones Hollywood publicizes. There are countless parents who are heroes to adopted children out there.
Whew! What a controversy this work has created. Way to spark our passion, 14!


OMG, that Louis Vuitton black baby handbag is about the funniest thing I think you've ever done!!!


ALL OF YOU, black and white, stop incorrectly using the word racist. Jeez.

Racism is when one race uses political and financial power to put down another race because they believe that they are superior. This drawing does not do anything but show how children from the CONTINENT of Africa (i hate it when people refer to Africa is if it's a country, it has 52 countries) are being used by vacuous celebrities such as Madonna and Meg Ryan. There's nothing RACIST or preduice about it. Politically incorrect? Yes, but so true.

I always say that adoptions are bullshit. I would rather go to these 3rd world countries and build hospitals, schools and create jobs so that these parents are able to raise their own children. What parent would want to give their child away if they had to? Not many. Instead of rich Americans handpicking these orphans and giving their millions to all these stupid charities, they should get together and put in some face time and try to rebuild these socities. I could only imagine the culture shock that David Banda, Maddox and Zahara Jolie-Pitt go through when they look around and see that most of the people around them don't look like them and I could only imagine what ridicule they will be put through when they start school. If rich countries like United States (who only donates .1% of our national budget towards 3rd world countries) and Great Britain REALLY places like Ethiopia and Malawi, then children can grow up in their own socities and thus turn around and help their fellow countrymen.

And now I'm getting off my soapbox.


The Banda purse is one of my all-time favourite pieces of yours!! This foreign baby-collecting trend is like a brand new civilizing mission for the 21st century... hopefully people see it for what it is.


you are A GENIUS!




Shining hit it right on the nail and expertly constructed a valid point... and 14 illustrated magnificently. I concor that most of these celebrities are NOT doing it for the good of the child, but doing it for their image. Example: Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt for that infamous W shoot. Personally, I don't know why Madonna needed to adopt, but it seems it just a trend, IMO.

Another point I would like to make is race has nothing to do with it. It could have been China, which was popular years ago, or South America or any other poor thirdworld country. Africa is now in this season. However, they completly ignore the fact that 69 percent of African Americans; mainly women are infected with HIV/AIDS.


Hello, just letting people know I posted a link to this entry in my blog and wrote a (perhaps overly passionate) response to the issue here. The url of my entry in case you're interested is Thanks!

Demon Kitty


you almost made me pee in my pants, I was laughing so hard after reading your comment!!

Demon Kitty


not funny, but very very true. africa is quite trendy right now. c'mon, project red the "i am african" bull... it's all crap.

this is not racist. racially aware, yes. but what's wrong with that?

Spam Gardenia

Haven't we seen this "rich white people adopting poor black kids" thing already? It was called "Diff'rent Strokes", and then it was called "Webster".


Oh, SNAP. That is too precise and painfully true.


damn it... please draw your attention to the RHINESTONED BUSTIER underneath the HOLY robe madonna uses to cover herself, better yet, i love how the baby is posing for the picture, and how the flash of the bulb reflects off baby super dave's face, in what is supposed to be a very nonplanned moment of cathedral/cathartic solitude. i wonder if madonna's obvious black roots that are screaming to be colored, is her way of displaying without saying.. " see see i do have something in common with this blackish abducted/adopted child." it seems everything about what is and what is supposed to be is at odds. just my thoughts.


can we just for a moment imagine keisha is being factitious? even if that may not be the case, we shouldn't always make the assumption that each individual has the mental capacity to reason, analyze and put each element of life(like interpretive art) within a surrounding into perspective. folks keep in mind we aren't all on the same stage of cognitive development(concrete operational vs formal operational with that being said, people who blog here with the understanding this is a mere interpretation of reality by an artist, would be considered formal operational bloggers. so hello to my formal operational congnitive developed friends.) anyhow i just love the versace shirt on the baby the madonna is holding, which she displays as a gesture of wealth-centered westernized maternal love. i love the fact that her halo of light is off-centered much like her smile, maybe reflective of her motive? I just wish that lv bag with the baby who has the expression like where the @#$$^&*(*)!$ are you taking my black a** now, would come in diffent races. i mean i would like to get like the somali fendi bag or better yet the north korean dooney bag with the baby who has the funny spikey hair. furthermore, i guess if paris got a chocolate mocha bag then the trend might end, well no britney and lindsey would have to get one too in order for that to be official but i suspect they may go for the faux exotic mixed raced baby spring 2007 bag with a matching wallet and change purse to compliment it. i honestly believe these adoptions take place during manic cycles and slows down as the depressive phase of bipolar disorder comes back round. who would have though faux adoption would be the new in thing? uhhm 14 i hope you got, or at least applied for, your license to paint black, dark and light brown people which includes yellow and mustard brown people too. I do believe the NAACP is currently accepting applications as well as the rainbow push coalition. As my daughter says, "mom you're peach" which i suspect would give me nonbinding authority to approve your application.. paint on sister girl.


I found my GOD and you are it! Oh my god!!! I worship your art work! You never fail us every single time!

Louis Vutton on a baby, that is it! That was what I thought when I noticed this trend. It probably cost to adopt a baby the same as a Louis Vutton bag. Sad huh?

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