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Can't help but love seeing that image! Vampires and Dunst? It's a bit too much!

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Crunk Pire

Oh come on! Who decided vampires arn't hot...?

I don't get it! I think she does a reasonable job of acting and would LOVE to see her in a Vampire movie...


Dunst is OK in my book. In Spider-Man 2 she looked not-attractive I don't want to say ugly because she had her moments, but she looked not so good in that movie because she had barely there eyebrows and orange hair!
In Spider-Man 3 she looked positively hot. But ironically that was where I first noticed that she had little fang-lettes. You see the theater was so crowded I sat in the 4th row and I was able to see all the distinct features I hadn't noticed before like Tobey Maguire's weird mole/wart on his neck below his ear.

I think that it was stupid to make a Marie Antionette movie She was basically the biggest stupid whore in history.


I just love this and cannot take my eyes away. You did a better job of painting her portrait than Sofe (as Kiki now calls her) Coppola.

Lovely and so true to life.

The only way to improve it may be to show her breasts peaking through a see through top as Kiki likes to go braless.


Sooo good and lifelike. You've captured her perfectly.

This should be in the National Portrait Gallery in London.


silly boy

She looks like Alfred E. Neuman.


I like it, it has character and is fun. I like freaky things though. I think old Kiki would get a buzz out of this.


you caught her sunken evil eyes and doughy cheeks and puddy nose perfectly encased in a pumpkin head perfectly. It's more realistic than sofia's utterly stylized, made up kiki for MA.

hilarious. congratulations.


HAH! That is hilarious (although I do love Dunst)

Nathaniel R

we Dunst fans are a rare breed. But this painting still cracked me up. Her teeth are strange and it is interesting to see her all decked out in period finery again after Interview

Jane Fondle

I don't much care about Dunst. I saw Spiderman with the kid and barely noticed her. However I think yours is an unparsimonious criticism. I like the fact that she didn't conform.


Her skin looks funny too, I only just saw an unedited pick, weird.


I used to have little fangs. I wore braces as an adult a couple of years ago and when I got them off the orthodontist took a file to them. He didn't even ask me if I wanted to have it done -- he just started filing them down. I was shocked and then a bit angry. When I asked him why he did it, he said that it was for a "better aesthetic."


Ugh, I hate, HATE, H A T E bad teeth, and she's got some of the worst ones in Hollywood! I can barely stand to look at this portrait; her cherubic features are grossing me out!


I too have little vampire teeth and I too am inordinately proud of them.

And I too will also applaud her unwillingness to undergo surgery or "repairs" to subscribe to a narrow definition of Hollywood beauty. Dunst is already pretty damned hot in a girl-next-door kind of way.


Why oh why won't she just fix those things. Ahhh!


this is neither here nor there, but people- check out 14's picture on this site, she's actually cute as a button! (if that actually is the real 14 an not an imposter)


Ha ha 14! This just made my day at work...

Brilliant! I looked at the website link of the premiere photos, it looks like she has bats clinging on her dress, and the orange hair?
I am mortified, just mortified!
It was about time you drew Kiki :)
That said, I really admire her individuality, especially in today's Hollywood..but it wouldn't hurt her to put on braces..


woooooow!!!! congratulations!!!!!!!


ain't nothing wrong with a twisted grill... didn't she suck face with some of hollywood's finest with that mouth piece? oooh oooh i want a twisted grill too!!! leading men seem to love it.


Ha!!! This is great. It is kind of interesting how a person like her, who seems to go out of her way to look as horrible as she can, gets as many roles as she does in a whole town full of Barbie dolls. It's pretty cool that she's not a Botox and collagen addict like so many of them, but jeez, lady, try a HAIRBRUSH once in a while!!! This is almost as perfect as the Bat Girl painting. (only almost because she's human here. Kinda.) I heart 14.


Those little nubs ain't vampire teeth. Yeesh. She might be able to gum somebody to death, sure.

Viper Tetsu

Christ in a barrel full of Vaseline, the predatory razor blades lining her gums scare the living spit outta me. But I do respect her right to leave her grill be. If it was me, I'd likewise take scary bat fangs over Hilary Duff horse choppers any day of the decade.

That said, am I the only human in the free world who's also heebie-jeebied out by Dunst's large cherub head and creepily-underage-looking features? She and DiCaprio seem to have stopped physically maturing at age twelve.


hehe she IS a vampire!


It's a nice painting! I really do respect her for not fixing her teeth - I personally prefer nice straight ones, but I'm bothered by how much cosmetic surgery has become commonplace. It's nice to see someone say that they're fine the way they are and still be famous.

tam popo

I think she should fuck up her teeth even more! She could make them stick out more prominently or file them down to nubs and then when she gives her acceptance speech at the Academy Awards, she could give a big FU to the snooty Hollywood audience with all their perfect white horse teeth. That would be cool.


Screwed up teeth are sometimes cool, and insulting a person's inherent features is not something I think is particularly clever. However Both Dunst and Coppola deserve ridicule for being a couple of intensely self-absorbed, sensitive and boring as hell broads. After suffering through both the "virgin suicides" and "lost in translation" there's no way I'd go near this reaking pile of lace, bon-bons and chamberpots that is "marie antoinette." LATER

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

I love this picture! I think her teeth are kind of cute, and good on her for not being cookie-cutter Hollywood. This is one I'd hang on my wall.


haha Kirsten should hook up with Marc Anthony. her teeth + his face = Match made in vampire heaven.

Demon Kitty

Drunkst was good in the Virgin Suicides. I'll give her that. But she is so unattractive. She has that aggravating, goofy, gawky, dweeb, retarded, brat, prepubescent girl next door/tom boy look. Her annoying personality and horrid geriatric/frump fashion sense make her even more annoying. Fuck, my 85 year old grandmother had more style than she does! She looks like a fucking grown up tranny version of fuckingBuster Brown. Those bat like canines give my imperious cat Juju a run for her money. Dear God, I have to stop. I can't control myself.

Demon Kitty


Though I do find her intensely annoying (I see her in -every- role, even in Bring it On, as a bratty little girl vampire. So creepy! Spiderman ought to be defeating her, not rescuing her!), I think it's great that she hasn't gone the way of Horse Teeth Duff or others.

That said, I really would like to see a portrait of Ms. Sofa Copacabana.


Brill, brill, brill 14! Kirsten Dunst's canines are something of which she is inordinately proud, and she refuses any suggestions of orthodontia. You have completely captured the aspect of her eyes that I find, to be kind, "quirky". The way her left lower eye lid curves upward, while the right lower eyelid is perfectly straight. And her pug nose accentuates the expanse between her eye and cheeckbone.

I have never understood what makes her "movie star" beautiful, although she is not ugly. She's just really, really bland ('cept for the vampire canine teeth, lol)!

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