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god I wont to hate fuck paris

riki the dark

Kawaii ( Soo cute! ). This is the one and only Paris Hilton thing that I will ever like!

Josh G

nasty girl


Oh man, I think I just ROR'd ( Raughed out Roud)

Paul -V-

You can retire your blog now. I don't know if this can ever be out-done.

This is a Mangum Opus.


CRabby should be CLabby!!!!


uh. its not that good.

what's wrong with you people?


its funny and well done but the engrish is a bit over the top.. it feels like an american spoofed it.. its just far too purposely imperfect

nice job tho

endroo G

I think Paris need a boob job.


Filled with vely big impressionness for shameress Palis ploduct who show scary parts, but having unhappy to your uncareful of Engrish of good Japanese people. But belly laughing all over.




Oooh! Gosh! So cute!

Kent Mangold

Oh my God! - you nailed this one babe!


someone should really put her away for making little girls think she is a role model.She is a stupid wonkey eyed praying mantis.


Awwww... I want one! ^____^ It'll look great in my ugly-or-cute collection!
Right next to the Owen Wilson and Rod Stewart dolls.


ahhhh amazing... this almost makes me able to accept the fact my favourite makers of japanese trinkets are actually producing a freaking doll of the damned skank.


This Language is so racist but I cant stop laughing. Ive IM'd this to everyone I know.. hahahah. I can only imagine the little Asian kid cartoon about Crabbies city living under Paris' dress. It would look like that Teletubbie world. Instead of a baby sun shining down so brightly onto Crabbie and her friends.. It would be Paris' chocolate Starfish winking. Gross I know.


I think this is the absolute funniest thing I have ever seen, pure genius


Engrish. Hahahahahaha!! This is awesome.


Funny, but your version engrish is too forced. You get a solid B. And who said Chingrish? That's poor taste.


This shit is absolutely hilarious. Nice job.


omg the wonky eye strikes again, i can die happy now!


HAHAHAH fantastic!

Disruptive Hair


This is effing brilliant!


Brilliant. Absolutely f*cking genius. Join mensa.


LOL!priceless!esp crabby!!!!

Rob Dorn

This is your best.
You are a GENIUS!!!!

Manola BBB


And yeah, it's clearly not Mr. Crabby in its sex toy incarnation!


Can't. Stop. Fucking. Laughing.

hello kitty hell

worst part is that it's actually popular - god save us all (and me in particular)...

the boy

Holy shit... amazing. I'm impressed. This must be the only time I've had any non-hate-fuelled reaction to something with Paris Hilton's name tied to it. Well done!


*dies laughing*


So funny, I like the Japanese inflections.

That reminds me of the photo I doctored a bit of Paris with crabs scuttling out of her cooter.

Your picture is awesome, as always!



Wishing I can get this fun sunshine product? Its humor makes my laughing bottom ache! Please continue your truth ridicule on starry people.

(Translation: I wish this thing was for real! I laughed my ass off. Keep showing off the truth behind these celebrities!)


Its a masterpiece.. I can't believe how brilliantly you've captured Paris through Japanese anime / engrish.

You have mad props.



I agree.


I'm in love with this picture. It's hilarious! It made me laugh out loud, especially since I'm going to Japan next month. Truely awesome.


Totally wonderful, toooooo funny 14. Kick'n work as per usual, very crisp. God I think I'll give this years soft shell crab festival a miss.


Love the nose! It looks phallic.

I like the artistic license 14 takes on this one: Crabby looks kind of lonely but we all know that in real life Crabbys's got a lot of company.


OMG, this is too perfect.. This is your masterpiece, 14! Has the Louvre expressed interested yet? ^_- I want it! Do you think it will ever be for sale??? How much do some of your pieces normally go for?



Poor little Tinklebell.


OMG!!! perfect---from the wonky eye, to the penis nose, to the hoard of animals! hands down the best one EVER!!!


This is the funniest thing i've seen in months. If Paris Hilton was a cartoon character, THIS is exactly how she would look like, especially the one small right eye, funny nose and clown lips!


You hateful, hateful BASTARD!
Keep up the good work.


14 you so brilliant!


I used to collect Hello Kitty stuff, like, 20 years ago, and that is sooooo perfect.
Her beauty is fading cuz she is photographed so much her soul really is evaporating and she doesnt know who she is anymore and that dolly with the expresionless face and lift-my-skirt function of the body tells it all.
I hope she has a good identity crisis soon. but that will never happen!! Not as long as there are distractions of fame and the material world. Thank you for helping us laugh about it.. and laugh and laugh til we tinkle ...


Soooo great!

But shouldn't it be called

"The Palis Hilton Doll for you??"


the crab is saying "wee! i'm gonna get some exercise and then i'll be right back." im not sure how to translate the heading. something like, 'you too can be a drunkard.' and i think the writing above crabby and tinkerbell is gibberish, but maybe somebody here knows better than me...


Crabby must comes with accessories!

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