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dont matter.

fuckk you, seriously. green isnt your color, hun.

Off The Ricta

I dont see the big deal about Paris. Shes just yet another fucked up fucking seppo, worthless to society, useless for anything but socializing, couldnt organize a fuck in a brothel, couldnt run a hot bath, could boil water without burning it, and gets lorded by the whole USA for it.


paris hilton is a whore. she whores against society by not contributing anything to societty. go to jail bith


The slut paris hilton is back in jail where she deserves to be.

People think this is a harsh sentence BUT she was convicted of DUI. She was placed on probation and she was caught twice driving when she was not suppose to be. Then she arrives to court 1/2 hr late. And instead of being apologetic and asking for leniency - she blames her publicist. I am sure the judge and most of the attendees in the court do not have "people" to attend to her ever whim. She was convicted because she truly thinks she is above the law. She isn't and this is an opportunity for her to grow up. Mommie Mommie...

If any one of us acted in this manner - you can guess.


I hope she gets killed in jail. The dumb slut is bad for this country, just like Britney Spears...Damn whores.


if she does'nt want to be called a slut tell to stop acting like one!
it's not that hard.


i dont get what that blink182 drummer did by hooking up with her she always has a retarded look on her face has a big pointy nose has a flat scrawny boysfigure and huge paws i mean the feet ,one ugly bitch wouldnt touch that with a ten foot pole


Paqis Hilton's ass looks geriactric, not the ass of a Princess socialite who every man wants

East Side

What man in his right mind would want to lay his hands on this skank?


Paris Hilton may have inherited some money, but to me she is nothing more than a low life tart. I have no respect for that cheap woman at all


LOSERS! Paris is a wild party animal, with a sad life. Shes such a bitch! All you Paris Hilton fans, get a life! WHO? In this world could be jealus of her??????? Shes a whore!


That 'privates' link isn't working for me. Anyone know where else I can see the photos?

ur mum

leave paris alone
yous dont know her
and yous are jealous.
grow up


Dead ringer for Paris!


thats soooooooooo stupid its not even funny just coz ur all jealous of her!


I just LOVE the sarcasm.


"There's nobody in the world like me. I think every decade has an iconic blonde including Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana and right now I'm that icon,¡± she was quoted by UK's Sunday Times, as saying

I dont remember anyone doing this sort of art of Marilyn or Princess Di, Paris u are a fool!!!!!


Paris is'nt slutty, yeah sure and Lance Bass is straight - just because you say it Paris it does'nt make it true. Great pic, let hope she puts her head back in the sand for a while.


The assigning of status is integral to the determination of quality and morality. While scholars have been quiet on the relationship between isomorphism and reputation, over the last fifty years there has been much research by sociologists and social psychologists studying the similar concepts of conformity and status. A relevant finding from this research is that conformity is differentially related to status based on where the actor is located within the status hierarchy. In particular, an enduring legacy is the concept of ‘idiosyncrasy credits", which refers to the ability of high status actors to deviate from group norms without penalty.


Ol' FART MITTENis dillusional, honestly i think she has a problem. She thinks shes fooling everyone with her crocodile tears. Fuck off Paris we've seen what your really like one little pouty lip and baby voice arent going to change the fact that your a self obsessed, skanky whore just like your mum, and if she wasnt married inro money you'd be doing the same thing you are now except youd have no money. ie- youd be a whore on the streets, a whore with brown eyes brown hair which is what you really look like.
Your days in the spotlight are numbered,people are starting to realise your not a MISGUIDED KID having fun, but just an up herself twat.
Marily Monroe and DI!!!! HOW DARE U COMPARE YOURSELF TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viper Tetsu

If Lewis Carroll was actually a gas station attendant in rural South Carolina in a John Deere cap and chew-stained Dickies, and if he fell asleep in a sweltering trailer after one consuming three too many cans of animal beer (and five too many lukewarm Hardee's Burgers) with Sesame Street reruns chiming away back-to-back with Access Hollywood on the old 15" black and white, he might dream something like this.

I'm running outta 14-friendly superlatives. Oh, wait. This scathing and hilarious portrait is MAGNIFICENT! Yeah, haven't used that one yet. Better get back to the thesaurus before your next work...

Oh, Anon 7:56, she undoubtedly had sex while she was giving the statement. "I won't have sex for a whole when I finished giving this guy a rim job."


so eerily spot on with this.

there's something so amazing about how you can translate the subconscious fuzzy images we have into something concrete with your drawings.


It's scary how accurate that drawing is...

Well done, 14.


Love it. Love the exposed ass, the feigned look of seriousness, the out of proportion body parts, the huge feet and overall I just LOVE IT!!!

14, you rule!


My eyes! My eyes! Dead on with the hook nose, and that eye. She is a walking parody, and you alway capture her so well. Great work, 14!


u forgot the sex tape! there was the sex tape... no... TWO remember? lol

oh, and i like blueberries too. but i'm a much bigger blackberry fan! ;)


Oh no, stop it you meanies! Paris is just like SOOOOO misunderstood! Didn't you see her lip wobbling with sincerity? How she had to be comforted and reassured by that creepy short guy because she's just SOOO fragile because of all the mean things?

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

I love it 14, this is one of my favourite paintings yet - right down to the weird nose and the long blonde hair. I wish I could buy this and stick it on my wall.

I wouldn't be surprised if she had sex sometime just after that 'no sex for a year' statement...

Demon Kitty

Hey, It's me. I am back again like I usually am because I think we should all take a moment to engage in vag-pride. We should think about how much prettier and healthier our vaginas are compared to Paris Hilton's and you too men even though you don't have a vag - because if you did, it would probably be prettier and healthier then Paris Hilton's heinous, nasty, skanky, and scary looking cooter.

By the way 14, did you draw Uma Thurman as a duck for any of these animal pictures? She looks exactly like a duck, as does her father Bob, whom a friend of mine at Columbia says is one of the rudest, most arrogant men on the planet. He looks like a duck too.

Demon Kitty


I like the pimples on the butt. heehee.

Marcy W

That TMZ interview was unbelievable! Poor Paris, with that fake voice (is she trying out a Jackie Kennedy/Marylin Monroe-esque whisper???). I love how she had her lower lip pouted out and her little soft voice and talking of her tears.......ooohhh, it almost has me going until ----------------------I am reminded of the FIRECROTCH VIDEO with Paris & Brandon! Oh, what a contrast. Here, Paris is laughing hysterically, egging a drunken Brandon on, and encouraging & laughing at the most vile words spoken about her former friend. And she wants to play boo-hoo with what is said about her on web-sites????? GIVE ME A BREAK!


You know, I was thinking that I don't really care about how many people she's had sex with. It doesn't affect me directly, because I will never be one of those people. What bothers me is her sheer vulgarity. Once upon a time, more was expected from the moneyed.

Madame M

You're awesome as usual!!!!

I gotta point this out though, because I'm a nerd: the species name in the Latin needs to be in lowercase to truly look authentic (so, Shamelessae hussius). Incidentally, the Britneyroo needs a species name, because Careerisoverum just denotes that there is a genus of that name, but certainly Careerisoverum stupida is one-of-a-kind species.


You are a beautiful human being. I wish that Paris herself would happen upon this and suffer at least 30 seconds of a reality check. However, she'd probably see it and scoff in disgust about how jealous people are of her "beauty" or something. Oh well, my little heart can hope.


fantastic. i love you.


OMG this is really great.
From the wonky eye, to the melting tip of her nose, to her DUMB lookin onion.
She's just so full of herself, that it's almost unbelievable.
I hope that someone has alerted her to your website so she can see all the wonderfull artwork you've done of her.
Brilliant period.


She's not a slut, she only has more sex in a night than the other Paris Hilton, the hotel that's on a country called France.

Demon Kitty

Brilliant 14! She does look like a bird: that nose!

No, Paris is not a slut! I have seen her urinating in her pants. I have seen photos with her hand in her bathing bikini briefs scratching her crotch. I've seen her topless getting ready to play tonsil hockey with another dyke. What about that other video of her fucking a hotel room chair and getting it on with Kimberly Stewart (I am assuming that is the "daughter of a world famous pop star)? Paris has feelings? Oh yeah, I remember the entire "fire crotch" video. "Everyone wants to be me." Didn't she supposedly say the "N" word? Yes, Paris was brilliant in the House of Wax - that scene when she is blowing that guy was SO REAL!!!! Where could we get the idea that she is a slut? No Paris is not a slut, she told a magazine she didn't wear underwear! My stomach hurts.

Kisses Andrea! Kisses to you 14! I wonder what Paris would do if she saw your drawings and all these "harsh" comments. How could we all be so mean and sadistic!

So Much Love,

Demon Kitty

Rod F.

I can't wait until I hear this phrase at least once: "Paris Hilton? How 2006." Her continuing presence in the pop-culture consciousness is starting to speak frightening volumes about the North American brain.

Long Island Irish

LOL I love it 14! On Dlisted the picture fg her without underwear is titled "A glimpse into hell" and it is NOT censored. I warn you: it's not for the faint of heart to look upon.

Frisky Shadowridge

Perfect interpretation 14 - I've always thought Paris looked birdlike. She's so foul (pun intended) and in those link photos her vagina even looks like turkey giblets. Gross.


So, I clicked the "she doesn't wear underwear" link and became the proverbial last man on earth to see Paris Hilton's pudenda. What impressed me was seeing more than one crotch-shot, irrefutably establishing even to this old fossil that the phenomena (or is it phenomenas?) wasn't an unfortunate social accident.

Here's the irony: female privates viewed in the buff, or half shaved, are an incredible bore. You'd think the whore would know what excites is the pubically concealed, not publically revealed.

Great artwork, BTW. Your Paris stuff is always more amusing to look at than photos of the real thing.


Genius piece of work, love the details! I can't believe how well you capture some of these traits! Brilliant.


this is sooo perfect .. goood job , loved it .


perfect response to paris hilton's recent bullshit. it truly amazes me that someone could think (let alone say) such gaudy things about themself when routinely photographed without their underware on. you would think that would be a humbling experience, but it just seems to push her further into a state of delusional self-importance.

she also said that she's not nearly as promiscuous as her friends, which leads me to believe that she has befriended the local sex addicts anonymous group. i can just see her being like "you guys are sex addicts? that's hot."




14, How you can capture the real essence of the slut in just a little ostrich sized face is amazing! Spot-on as usual! (and the interview brought real tears to my eyes)


you got the lazy eye spot on! bravo!


great Job!!

Only one thing wrong, you didn't amke the butt cheeks saggy enough~

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