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Someone is going to shoot that guy sometime.


G~brandon rocks and money talks! like always. go fug urself poor people!

Marie Allen

Who is this Brandon Davis? A turk? His mother married a moslem turk? Shame on her? No wonder her son is walking around with his maiden name. He's also ashamed. Ugh!


well I was with this shmuch tonight as I watched him loose another $4000.oo of his daddy's money in a poker game to my fiend. During the game he managed to insult every woman at the table, calling one a dyke, the other a chink and the other something bad. As he went to say something to me, I told him to be careful because I was that bitch that would go to jail for cracking him in the head if he didnt watch his words. he quickly shut up. it's unfortunate that these wealthy people even have these kids, they should have just bought some more jewels, or a new car, then we wouldnt have to worry about this human pollution walking around with the feeling of importance. I hope he falls in love with some girl thats smarter than him (which shouldnt be hard) and breaks his bloated sweaty heart. he deserves to sit in therapy wondering why no one loves him....


i want to beat the fuck outta this fat shithead. :)


Man I wanted to sucker punch his ass!!! Just to deflate his giant head. Did you see how her non driving ass took off? You know she cant handle all that power.


So would it be wrong if someone just killed them all in a jihad type blast? I would celebrate their deaths! Along with the real Americans! These kids are trash.




Brandon Davis is a greasy, bloated, and soul-less son of privilege. What a prick!

The Guide to Getting More out OF LIfe

This guy needs a gym membership


Brandon Davis and Paris Hilton are very evil. Money could never buy you class. I do not respect them after the video. They are spoiled kids. What kind of upbringing do the so called priviledge get? Its a sad case. It makes them look ugly. Just remember when you all die you can not take your money with you. Have you ever heard of poor little rich girl? Its terrible. The two was like observing evils of the world. Two evil devil horns coming out of their heads being negative, condenscending and hating a person. ITS ALL ABOUT LOVE IN LIFE NOT HATE. SAD VERY SAD!!!


ughhh. that guy is repulsive. and how old is he? i just think it sad that rich people don't bother bringing their children up with some respect, intelligence, and morals. i guess they are lazy. anyhow, that guy is gross, i don't know where he gets off talking about anyone else...


Perfect example of a douchebag.


APPARENTLY when you have money you never have the need to grow up! Paris hilton and this guy are total losers! YOU ARE NOT IN HIGH SCHOOL ANYMORE YOU COMPLETE WASTE OF OXYGEN!


i just think it's funny that someone who contributes nothing whatsoever to society is so quick to insult someone who is doing more than him..i don't think living off of daddy's billions is a job, acting however is and it's just sad that because you suck and you've been in what one movie you have the audacity to open your oily hairy mouth and talk shit about someone else..hi yeah go back to high school jerk off!


I don't see what the big deal is about this....
I actually think it is hysterical. The lesson to be learned is choose your friends wisely. I don't feel sorry for LL one bit.
What do you expect when you are famous, rich, and party all the time? Drama of course.
I highly doubt that LL is innocent by any means. I am sorry but carrying around an AA "bible" doesn't justify anything.
Why should Brandon care about his actions?
He is young and rich and doesn't have consequences for that particular ongoing behavior, nor does he care.
People can be assholes but that is life and everyone whining about it needs to get over it.

Frank Furter

I'm a first time visitor, I haven't watched the video and don't plan too. Who needs it? The true entertainment is in reading all the hilarious comments that have been posted. That's good stuff!


glad to read there are rational-minded people out there making comments on this blog-- i could never understand the attraction to the public of paris, lindsay, and others like them with huge egos, obviously too much money and not enough virtue or class. my only explanation for the infatuation of some is that everyone is rational in their own minds but not necessarily reasonable to the reasonable person. power to the reasonable people out there and the purveyor of this blog-- mhc



NO, Europe would be best served by being blissfully unaware of Brandon Davis. Enjoy your innocence!


Does Europe need to know who this Brandon Davis person is? We have gotten to know Paris Hilton as the latest exponent of "no-style-but-so-much-money-no-one-cares-American" but what film has Brandon Davis been in? Or should we just let it pass...?


I am in shock! Why are these people in the news in the first place? Isn't there anything better to showcase than a drunk tubby and a spoiled "heiress"? Both of them must be institutionalized and never allowed to be in public.
And, one other thought: the people to blame for "the new Hollywood elite" are publicists like Rachel Zoe and everybody else whose only mission in life is to cover up celebrity indiscretions and public humiliation and make millions.
This country is going down if media continues to iconize all of the Paris Hiltons there are.


im not a fan of Lindsay but at least shes worked to be a celebrity. what has Brandon and Paris done? spend daddys money and have tv shows that arent even worth airing. no wonder why mischa dumped him

Julie McAllen

Don't be depressed thinking nothing bad will ever happen to these people. Quite the contrary. They are the type that usually hurt themselves by accident, DUI accident. Or purposely, by killing themselves because when they reach 30 or 40 they will be so depressed because all the Hollywood night spots will be full of 20 somethings and they won't have anyone to play with because no one will have them!!!


Bravo. I can't find the words to describe this individual, as none will do him justice. This is the type of classless human being that deserves no recognition, for anything. Why is the media so fascinated with money? Why would anyone focus on a waste of skin like Brandon Davis? God, forgive us for totally screwing up...please give us another chance.


Great job, 14! When I heard that video, I was disgusted. What an ass that Brandon Davis is. Lindsay Lohan is certainly no angel, but come on, that was just rude!

Rob Duke

never really heard of Brandon Davis, nor Paris Hilton - basically because I don't give a flying rotten shit about celebrities or whatever the fuck these two are. came across this website on Google tho, and couldn't resist to comment.

why do u even give these guys importance? i mean, who gives a fuck what these celebrities do. I just don't understand why people buy these glossy magazines with paparazzi photos, or why people what E! -- like, who gives a fuck?

i for one don't even who the fuck these celebrities are - I do pay some attention to serious and good movie actors (DeNiro, Pacino, Depp, etc.), but apart from those, I really don't give a hooker-BJ who Paris Hiltone or Brandon Davy is. who the fuck r they anyhow?


i'm not following nor interested what's in the video just happened to be directed from msn news. entertaining comments but goes to show how people are wasting their time and energy on useless celebrity gossip. you kids should go out more and be involved actively rather than gossip.

btw gossip in turn leads to alcoholism, drugs, sexual perversion, etc. i don't drink, do drugs, get involved in casual sex or multiple sexual partners. i am secure and happy about myself. paris, madonna, lindsay, etc. after all are entertainers. they get paid to be themselves.


I think that Brandon Davis is a social climber that tries to cater to the stars to feel like he is somebody. I mean, yeah he's rich, but who's cares. How many times can you call someone a fire crotch? Everyone knows that he is just trying to get into Paris' pants, which won't be hard because she doesn't wear underwear anyway. Speaking of her not wearing underwear, if anyone needs to she does because that shot they got of her without them made me want to sky write that she needs to take some of that money she has and have reconstructive surgery down there. Roast beef anyone? Anyway back to Brandon, he's pretty much a spoiled,no class bum with a bad fashion sense and a terrible taste in debutaunts. He should have stayed with Mischa. Anyway, he's a loser and his vocabulary is obviously limited to four letter words and and pulling names out of a hat to call women's privates for the day. Live it up while you can Brandon, because it won't last long.


How refreshing: I actually feel PROUD to be poor after watching that tripe!


I think Brandon and Paris are a perfect match actually; they're both crude, spoilt and messed up. I hope they manage to put things into perspective although it seems unlikely.

Re: earlier comment about being rich and nothing bad will happen to them... Having money is very dangerous if you don't respect it. Brandon and Paris are not yet aware of there suffering because they are still young, but in time if they continue down this path they will feel it intensely.

Come on guys! Wake up and change! For all our sakes including your own...

Gail Gray



Who the hell is Brandon Davis to insult ANYONE? He needs to take a shower, get major plastic surgery, and become anorexic in a big way. He's so fat, greasy, sweaty, unclean, ugly, and fat-horse faced it's ridiculous.

I agree with another poster when I say I'm sure this little "rant" of his was out of spite because Lindsay has enough class not to sleep with this fugly idiot.

I'm not a Lindsay fan by any means, but I've grown to like her tons more just because of these two immature jerks.



-n- iEA this oily pig -n- "ms." whoreilton deserve be burn alive.


Yea, who is this guy? I was disgusted by this guy's tirrade - I don't think Paris has a thought in her head. Never heard of him and wish I never had. His parents ought to be ashamed for raising such a putz!


Who is this guy anyway? I mean, until I saw the video, I never heard of him. And Paris, what else can I say except Whore! She is a brianless pig of privelage and if she or Brandass had to actually work a day in their pethetic lives, it would be news. The 2 of them together have less talent than Lindsay does in her 7 ft clit^%^%^%^%.


Wow nice drawing
those two "people" are disgusting
they're degrading human beings BIG TIME
Especially that guy named Brandon who the hell is he? The only thing I know about him now is that he's ugly, fat, and he talks crap.
The drawing is a beautified version of that oily nasty face.

I hope Lindsay Lohan will sue them and win. They better go to jail or to HELL!


Dude looks like fat Elvis.


I was told that Brandon Davis was trying to be in the film with lindsay but she refused to act with such a "Mean Girl" that's why the video, and Paris? sorry don't know if I let the Dogs out that night,ooppss!!! YEAHH Lindsay got 7 mil, but, from her ass, not from Mummy & Daddy. Suckers!!!!


Who is this dumbass? Not that I care for Lohan...but this jerk was totally disgusting and I hope lohan kicks his ass...and by the looks of him..she could!! Not only was it classless but it wasn't even funny. What a waste of air!! but then, he was with Paris 'Useless' that would explain some things.

Always good to see how 'rich upperclass' acting worse than redneck trailer trash (and believe me..I know how bad that!!)!!


Don't know who Brandon is but in my own opinion Paris Hilton's only claim to fame is she's starred in a porno movie!! And it wasn't that good.

Mr Kamakaze

I think you painted him to look BETTER than he does in real life.
What a total fucking loser, with money of course...!


Yes, Paris really has something to laugh about. A really crappy song under her belt. Here's the link=

Nice drawing!


Two pretty pathetic and envious people. I'm not the biggest LL fan, but at least she has achieved something. Somehow these two think that spending your parents' money means being successful. I'm getting a hybrid and never staying in a Hilton ever again - these are not the kinds of people I would like to support. Yuck, man! Why does he always look dirty and why are her "boobs" always popping out?


If I were always surrounded by obsequious and servile minders that flattered, fawned and courted me no matter how insulting my behavior, I too would understandably come to regard myself as a kind of royalty. Who's to say otherwise?

The best line is delivered—with all the deferential politeness of a courtesan—at the end of the video by one of the photographers as the car screeches away: "Good night Brandon! Thank you!"


Brandon, come on, how many times are you going to do shock value????? Very boring
You are a Howard Stern wannabe, a Larry Flynt wannabe dreamer (remember, he had brains and went all the way to the Supreme Court, do you even know what that is or why he went????) and never can never speak tangible words like Dom Imas.
Go get Amy vanderbilt's book on Etiquette, learn to speak English, buy some class and your set to go..........


I've fianlly seen the video and it's totally gross. I mean who do these people think they are? 7mil is nothing to sneeze at I,m not a lohan fan but atleast she works for her money and has a marketable skill. these over privledged moochers have nothing if it wasn't for their parent. i mean he's an "heir" and she's an "heiress", but let's not forget that unlike lohan they are not self sufficient and their well being still depends on someone loving them enough to give them an inheritance which given the type of "adults" (and i use that term loosely) that they have turned out to be i find that highly unlikely.


an inspiration as per ususal


The video was sent to me by email…so of course, passing time at work, I watched…Pure entertainment. That poo-flinging-monkey analogy is right on (no offense to the actual animals…)
Personally, I think the filming and distribution of this was the best thing that could have happened to those folks..."celebrities" (if you will) are ALL completely my opinion, it's great to have confirmation that my world is better off having never been tainted by such narcissistic, trite, malicious people. What comes around goes around, and what a sick, sad life they must have to spend countless mintues focusing so intently on someone elses. The video coulda been him talking about my neighbor...and I still would have the same thought: Really, you have nothing better to do? We all know those who put that much effort into hating someone else are completely and utterly insecure. These people are should be a public service announcement on what happens when you have no self-pride or self-worth. My 8 year old son has more charm, personality, couth, manners and class playing in a pile of dirt than they could ever hope to have with the worlds finest psychiatric treatment and rehab centers. The painting kicks ass by the way...that guy is just nasty. His company says loads about her. She's probably a cutter. So my little tirade over, can the media focus on something that maybe bringing home our troops. Just a thought...guess that'd be far too Utopian to ask for...nevertheless, we can always hope. Hahahahahhahahaa... sad sad sad sad sad...


That dude is a nasty peice of work (although the pic is marvie as per usual).

Maybe they need to enact a celebrity draft for Iraq, that'll tone em down a couple of notches (its cruel I know).


On a serious note, I truly think it would be one of the greatest things if what happened to Sharon Tate happened to Paris Hilton. Tenfold.

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