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Alex Malex

Naomi is a spoiled crazy bitch who needs some jail time to calm the f*ck down..supermodel yeah right...seriously how bitchier can a person get......

Mallamar Berracci

[QUOTE]this should be made as a joke commercial on MadTV, you need to go to them with this stuff. [/QUOTE]

This is too good for MADtv; try "Saturday Night Live" (that show is a definite fixer-upper in the humor department) or 14 can have her own sketch show, mocking Hollywood and its excesses. I'd love to be part of that sketch show as a writer.


I personally feel that that what Naomi is most guilty of is not being able to control her emotions, she is a very passionate individual, that has a lot of good in her.

Many people may think that she is mean for abusing her hire help, but lets be realistic, is it not reasonable to say that some people are very annoying, could it possibly be that they could possibly push her to the point of her getting festered, becasuse of ulterior motives.


Thanks for reminding me that when an abusive person pays no real consequence for their actions, they continue right on with the abusive behaviour. and cover it up with grandiosity, rationalizations, such as her do-gooding social work with Nelson Mandela. She is a mess. But our society will aways pick the power and glamour over substance and integrity. dang it.


I love this blog!


I think that maomi campbell really needs help..this is exactly why there are consequences of being famous and one of them are getting too cocky for your own good...just because u have money does not mean that u can treat people like trash..she is gonna do that to the wrong person n they are going to end up killing her behind..this is like the 6th or 7th time she has assaulted someone from her staff..

Mr. Prince

I must have it; it'lldefinitely keep the bullies, and the haters, at bay;

I no longer feel sorry for the assistants; isn't this the THIRD incident about this? they should know that her throwing stuff at you (allegedly) is an occupational hazard XP

Demon Kitty

Naomi Campbell has always given me some major nipple hard on. I have harbored a raging female boner for that woman since God knows when. Maybe that was too much information.... ooops!

What a crazy bitch! How hard do you have to hit a human being with a fucking cell phone in order to send them to the hospital to get their head stapled? Damn!

I am usually outraged by abusive assholes, but I hate to admit it; I would be her bitch.

Demon Kitty


where can she store her coke though? I think it needs a little coke spoon too.

Monique she is a bitch but so are probably %90 of models with all the stuff they shove up their noses. Tehy just like focusing on her because everyone loves a villain.


Naomi Campbell is a very successful black model, and society just don't want to see her prosper. The media has already made us feel like she's a bitch. When the media is always wrong 90% of the time anyway.

wow...great...!this cell is very very cute and fashionable ...^___^ Naomi is crazy...poor us!
bye bye from Italy


somebody needs to buy that phone and throw it at NC's head and see if she likes it.


Naomi must be getting pissed at getting the same fight club assignment week after week. Beat the crap out of a service worker with a cell phone. kick'n rendition of her phone, if she had two she could tie them together and make nung chucks.


I think Naomi should stop getting slaps on the wrist and go to jail for awhile. Then the tables will be turned and she'll the one on the recieving end.


man! i gotta get one of those. i hope it's better then the razor. i didn't cut my hand at all whenever i used that thing. hopefully this one is sharp. ouch!!!


I would buy the phone simply for the secret lipstick compartment!

This Is So Punk

Naomi is a has been model who bores me to tears. I love your drawing, hate her, love her cell phone. I hope her ex-assistant sues her for everything she has.


Hilarious... And you better hope she really doesn't get the prototype... lol


Oh man, hope my girlfriend doesn't get her hands one of these.




That's brilliant! Great work lately, thanks.


Yeah, this is definitely my favorite ever.


Ooohhhhh. I wonder if they come in blue? NC is one crazy behotch!



I heart you.

Long Island Irish

Scold maids and assistants in style! LOL this should be made as a joke commercial on MadTV, you need to go to them with this stuff.
It's sad in a way, there's a beautiful woman who just destroyed herself with drugs. The poor maids, they should run--very,very fast!

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