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This is so damn good!


You gotta check out this new video just posted last night of "a day in the life of britney" it is TOO FUNNY! haha


I feel sorry for britney!Like she dosen't see that Kevin is using her and treating her like shit.Like if he dosen't get what he wants he'll kiss up to britneys ass and begg!Like BRITNEY YOU HAVE TO READ THE TABLOIDS,Ask what your fans think of you&him,seriously,everyone,I mean EVERYONE knows about how he treats you like shit and uses you for your cash!


hey! brittney and jessica have things in common. 1. they're dumb. 2. husbands dating other people. 3. they didn't save alot of money, because they didn't switch their car insurance to geico.


Roy is rolling in his grave.

Viper Tetsu

Work rips me away from The Gallery of the Absurd for a couple of weeks, and it's like Christmas to log back in...

Hardgrave's terrific caricature, Devil Jessica, Polage's rubbery mug, and this. Oh, Christ, this.

Taking the square peg that is the lumpen, neckless Britney and wedging her carcass into the round hole of Lichtenstein's stylized world is bravura spoofery.

And Crusader Cruise is a great secret toy surprise, dude. You may have been using someone else's template, but it's pure 14 snark in execution. Yummy!


I especially look forward to your "Bruce Willis painted by Barnett Newman"...


Yay yay yay!


After seeing Star Jones's revolting kiss, I had to take a bit of a break from your blog. But I'm back now, and I can see that you're genius is in full swing!

Have you seen the new issue of Elle with Ashley Simpson on the cover? That ding-dong/doe-eyed expression you see is in every photo of her spread. Looks parody-worthy to moi!


Thanks for the tip Moonmaid, you are soooooooo right! I highly recommend EVERYONE to click on the link "no talent", don't turn your volume up too loud if you're at work, or everyone will wonder why you've just spewed coffee out of your nose from laughing so hard.
If I'm not mistaken PopoZao, translated roughly, is Zulu for "ass-clown"


First visit and I am loving it. This stuff is INCREDIBLE!

14 must have a hidden camera installed in my studio!!

I've got Courtney Love sitting here waiting to be finished and I'll get her posted as soon as I can. Aside from Star Jones, Courtney is one of my faves to paint. Ms. Love will appear as soon as I get finished with a hefty illustration project I'm doing for a magazine.

Thanks for your comments darlin'

ps. Andy, you're so right, "ya'll" would have been the icing on the cake.


This response is way off topic, but I had to say it, after visiting the go fug yourself website, I NEED to see you do Courtney Love NOW. Thanks!


I'm still reeling from the "no talent" link to hubby Kevin Federline's PopoZao rap. Geez, you need a warning on that link or something. I could be scarred for life!

You've captured her utter cluelessness (and spreading neckline) perfectly. Demon seed indeed, lol!


very cool--I love Lichtenstein. I recently did a post on my blog "Jen & Brangelina--The Stone!/Lichtenstein True Hollywood Story."


The only thing it's missing is a properly placed 'y'all'!

Dawn (webmiztris)

you are so awesome...that is perfect!

Vermont Neighbor

((((((((((((( OMG!! ))))))))))))))))

There are potentially 4 Federline offspring that will start reproducing in about 15 years! That's scary.


OMG! Your cartoon of TC is fantabulous!
The Lichtenstein is also quite awesome. Poor Britney my ass. The only thing poor about it is that McK-Fed keeps spreading his demon-seed all other the place.


Love it!

Demon Kitty

I think they have a business arrangement. He is pretending to be her husband. She is paying him to pose as such and is paying him for his man gravy, so she can breed. She gets tabloid attention and he tries to become a gangsta rappa. I think it is a bunch of bullshit. What do I know?

Genius, loving the artists skill.

I think its time someone told Britney Honey dumplings the truth "girl he's just not that into you" (que Oprah applause)


You rule, 14! You know how to capture Britney's angst.

While I realize she's still a very young woman. I don't get why she's still screwing things up for herself. If she's really having a another baby. She's in for some sad times with that no good layabout she's married to. She is a very deluded person. I'm sure she really thinks another baby will change the bum she's with, and this baby will keep them together. Yuck! I hope she wakes up soon.


I heart your Tom!

Long Island Irish

LOL that's classic and true. Poor thing, she's so broke now that she's practicing being homeless by refusing to wear shoes and getting comfortable with the idea of needles.

Mariah Scary

You are ultimately talented! You hit this one on the nail! ;)


Genius. You're the bomb, 14.

Suburbia in the CitySub

I know. Sometimes I wonder what is she thinking? I feel like she lives in this world that no one understands with people around her kissing her ass and telling her that things are ok. It's sometimes the tabloids that keep her on her toes.

Despair Squid

God this is beautiful.

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