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I love Tom's platform shoes!

Viper Tetsu

In answer to your very thoughtful questions, C. Kitten:

1)The NEA would be unlikely to fund the work, altho' Glad Products, Inc. could well fill the funding void (assuming the Glad bag stayed intact through all of Jesus's flailing, thus proving the strength and durability of the product).

2) Hornets: symbolic of the impending stings of original sin. Pee: waste product rife with potential symbolism as well, but stinkier. Hurl Jesus into a sack of angry stinging insects, and he feels agonizing pain, perhaps even death. Dump pee on him and (unless he fails to cover his eyes)he just stinks. No contest. Christians prefer their martyrs agonized and dead, so pee takes the controversy trophy by a torrent (har!)...

and 3)...well, I'm laughing too hard at your questions to formulate a good response to 3. Point us to your artwork, One-Eyed One!


Wow. I just happened upon this website and I bookmarked it within 2 seconds. I love it! I especially love Tom Cruise jumping around in a bowl with Oprah. I'm going to go Celeb-Monkies right now!

Ya got yourself another regular reader!

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

Viper, I gotta know: would the NEA fund Christ in a Glad bag full of hornets? Are hornets more or less controversial than a jar of pee? Would the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Hornets and Other Stinging Bugs organize demonstrations against such "art"?

Oh yeah, nice monkeys, 14. Sorry, I'm working on a cartoon about funding bad art, I'm on a roll...

Viper Tetsu

Damn, the details on this flat-out knock it outta the park! The inset of Tom on the couch is so deliciously subtle, so surreptitious, that it's like a secret toy surprise to the sharp-eyed. Again, sheer, unimpeachable, utter snarky frickin' genius.

Christ in a Glad bag full of hornets, this is beautiful.

Damien Morgan

You know I don't think I know anyone who has ever owned sea monkeys (hence forth know by their real name 'Brine Shrimp {thanks for the conversation stopper} and seen them live longer than a week.

Totally get the point with celebs maybe our shrimp would have lasted longer with a PR team watching their bowl?

Bunmi Darling

I saw your link at Creative Flow and decided to click, I love it.. Thanks.. You are truly creative.... Hugs x Bunmi Darling x..


I'll take the $1.25, invisible-to-the-naked-eye rip-off over the celebrities any day.

Great post.


Biscuit Bethie

You are able to capture Britney's slopey eyes in a way no one else has ever done! And I love the man hands and club feet on Paris! LOVE Tom's lift shoes!You have brought me more joy on this day than a plate of brownies in a bubble bath! Goddess bless you 14!


Awesome! Genius even! One more thing to add to my "wish I'd thought of it" list.


As someone who has wasted far too much time on a tank of Sea-Monkeys, I must say: excellent metaphor!


14, you are a flaming-hot bottle of Tabasco sauce in a world of bland gossip ketchup--keep up the wonderful work!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and pretty please do some more on Britney Spears; the girl is two Pabst Blue Ribbons short of a trailer-trash tramp!


Beyond genius! Tom jumping the couch in the fishbowl made me laugh so hard.


Haha! Nice work!


To funny for words- Paris feet are the best- Jacked up toes and that lazy eye-classic. Loved Tom's shoe too.


I saw Star Jones today (blogged about it, too). Talk about living in a bowl full of delusions! The next time you're in a bookstore, take a look at her new book.

Demon Kitty

I love it.

The snouts on Paris and Tom look phallic.

So Much Love,

Demon Kitty

Scout Finch

Mere words cannot express your true genius and talent. I love you for referencing sea monkeys. You are a goddess.



Oh my Gawd!!!!! I remember crying to my mother that I wanted those! One of the neighbors did get some, and man! It was a disappointment to say the least. Just little specks swimming around.

But I'm sure that things have improved with time, so I'm in! I'm buying them today!

Love ya, 14!

Use Once & Destroy

This is brillaint.

Long Island Irish

Oh my god that is your absolute best ever! Better than "Me So Pretty Beckham"! Damn that is funny! Britney and the baby are hilarious--him with the Cheetos and she with the zits. Should have had a Kevin shimp going after Paris. I love the 54 payments of $29.99 freakin' classic! I love how Tom is attacking Oprah's couch in the bowl. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Absolute brillance! :)


14, you are a GENIUS of epic proportions!


Heehee! And Paris has gnarly toes even as a brine shrimp! I love it!


Wow, it all makes sense now! My spawn has sea monkeys and he loves to watch and feed them for fun! Yis yis yis!


Absolutely brilliant - I love it!

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