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Miss insanity

Well played my dear, well played indeed...
Perhaps a fourth flavour should be added to go with the new Kate Bosworth lollypop? I'm thinking cigarette.
Love the work 14, Kudous.

throw these chicks a smartie! omg


Christina Richie is far from annorexic. The other two are freaky.


please feed those boney bitches!


The stick's too thick though! :)

Madame M

*yay* You're back... and with yet another masterpiece!

Teri Hatcher is too scary for words. Yikes.


Excelent as usual. I really like the border--it has a nice Dr. Seuss/Jim Woodring quality to it.


haha me want candy... for a brief second there i thought you might had done desperate houseflies :)


gosh I remember Christina Ricci back when she had actual curves, the type you see on normal folk. Had to have a quick giggle at Teri Hatcher, sometimes she looks great, other times she looks weird! As for Nicole, wow what can I say, can someone please give her a slice of cake the next time they see her, please.

Great pics 14, as per usual.


welcome back!! great artwork as usual! love it!!


You are brilliant. That expression on Teri's face just sent a chill through me.

Nicole used to be so cute when she was normal-sized.

I hope you will do one with Katie Holmes and capture that vacant, abducted look she has lately walking around in that white cape. But whatever you do is just, always, pure brilliance.


Carr, I think that Celion Dion is part of the wafer pack, not the Hollypops. She fits in with Lara Flynne Boyle, who has always been skinny.


3 words: Teri Hatcher's nose! You got it! I've always wondered why it's like that, but kudos to the woman for not seeing any need to surgeon's to correct it. Or wait, is it the result of botched up cosmetic surgery? lol


You are a Master! Their facial expressions you capture are priceless.

They look so hollow in their eyes, artificial and medicated (left to right):

Pepto Bismol


Glad you're back! I was afraid that Madonna got ya!

Miss Hollywood

I love you so much!

T in NYC

This one is too good to be true, 14. You are magnificent, and should you need company in that roiling pit of hedonism, you know where to find me, I am always ready to be cleansed by the fires of some kick-ass catharsis.


Is it buy 3 get 1 free? You forgot Celine Dion. ;p
Love your artwork, btw.

Paul Capello

I love every one of these paintings! They remind me of the Wacky Packages I enjoyed as a kid- your parodies are superb. Bravo!


you really captured teri's alien aura. she scares me.

Aunt Beep

Aunt Beep loves 14!!!
it was well worth the wait! :)

Tara S.

It's sad that I am 5'1" and 118 lbs. and a size 5...compared to these girls I am an overweight heffer. Who makes these people think they look good? Do they work out in a gym that adds 10 lbs to the scales (like in Dodgeball?) and have distored mirrors on the walls in front of the dumbells?


Ultimate bighead -- Angelina Jolie. Her torso is long and somewhat evens it out, but any favorable impression is dispelled when you look at her elongated alien arms in relation to that Leatherface head. Heroin'll do that to ya, I guess. It was funnier when she was with Billy Bob Thornton, whose head looks like a Haitian witch doctor has been pickling it in brine.

Where do you even SEE Christina Ricci these days? She used to be in 26 films a year.

Demon Kitty

Last week was painful without your art. I never understood the collective masturbation over Terry Hatcher.

Viper Tetsu is right. Nicole Richie looks like Graf Orlock.

So much Love,
Demon Kitty

So sad because it's so true. Shocking that this is what is passing for "beauty" in Hollywood/Southern California and NYC. Great job.


I've noticed that too. way out of proportion


holy crapp....i thought teri hatcher was micheal jackson, so i was wondering wtf for a sec, but after i read i was laughing so hard! SO HAPPY UR BACK, dont go for that long again


And let's not forget that complementary line of Hollywood skeleton snacks... Kneebles. In FACT... the deluxe version of your Hollypops could have jaw-breakers, impaled, about midway down the stick to represent those gargantuan-scaled knee caps. How does one know when one is thin enough??? Your KNEECAPS are wider than your THIGHS!


Tiniest. PS. Ever.

Viper Tetsu

Not to beat a dead horse, but frickin' BRILLIANT! The only flavor missing (besides cocaine) is stomach bile. You got the saddle-sized bags underneath Teri's eyes with customary skewering sharpness, too.

Man, it's hard to believe that the pasty spectre on Desperate Housewives is the same winsome brunette that used to be Lois Lane. And Christina Ricci just hammers home how it's possible to love an actress and still be deeply, horribly unsettled by her appearance (God, is her head massive now that she's starved herself).

As for Nicole Richie, she looks like Graf Orlok from Nosferatu in a fancy blond wig.

Your cute li'l skellies in the corners could be on T-shirts, they're so cool. Especially the one on the lower right. ME WANT CANDY!!


Glad you're back! I love your work, you always hit the nail right on the head! This "desperate housewife" feels much better now. Thanks again.


Excellent 14!
I think by far that Terri Hatcher is the scarriest. Mostly because she's old enough to know better. I saw a picture of her jogging. Where does the energy come from to jog, when she's obviously not eating?
Some men are totally loving it though. I've heard it straight from some of them that they LOVE a woman who looks fragile, as though she needs protecting.
What a bunch of bullshit.


I scan 'em at 300 dpi using Photoshop, then reduce to 72. I painted this using gouache. It's a difficult medium because it's so chalky and thick...but it makes the painting look like candy and that's what I was going for.

Yep. this will be hanging in a Beveryly Hills gallery sometime in December, but I'm not sure of the name. Details escape me at times. : )

Meow <3
Do you scan into photoshop or illustrator? :) I can't get some of my lines as crisp as yours :p

Dawn (webmiztris)

what, no cocaine flavor?...damn. :)


Haha, if any of these celebs see these pix they'll probably freak out and try to diet their heads away...or are they just filled with nothing but air anyway....Hmmm.

Could you do one with Tom Cruise's head as a hot air balloon? That's all he's filled with anyway.....When you're such a nutjob that even the Nutjobs at the Scientology HQ are like, "Dude...We don't want you as the face of our crazy cult because you are like Crazy to the power of 10," You know you have a problem!

Knuckles McGillicutty

LOVE it! The pale pink and green is mouthwatering...and I love how Teri is kinda Morticia-like, next to Christina.
I do love Christina, poor little thing. I wish she'd start eating again.
Is this one going in a gallery?

Long Island Irish

lol that's funny but it's kind of sad too. Christina Ricci used to be so nice looking--she used to look exactly like my cousin. Now she looks like a human lolly pop, it's really a shame what Hollywood can do to people.
We need more Christy Ally's in show business! Okay she was fat but at least she was different from all these want-to-be beauty- queens and I think she's better looking than any of them on her WORST day while they're on their best!


Roiling pit of hedonism followed by the burning embers of catharsis?

Hey, we all need a little R&R every now and then. No worries . . . assuming you skipped the acid bath of guilt.


freaking genius!!!!


glad you're back :)


I dig the cute skeleton in the corner.


I'm first!

Very nice. G'day from Australia!


it is scary how disproportionate these women look in pictures isn't it? another one with the HUGE head to body ratio - joan allen. you just want to hand her a sandwich or something..

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