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Term papers

Awesome One. Baffled scientists are at a loss to explain how the mutation occurs, but have observed that it often happens suddenly and without warning among some actresses who have reached a "certain age.


I'm just back from a surfing weekend where my lips got sunburnt and I have woken up this morning with a HUGE trout pout as a result - my bottom lip (which was already quite full) was twice its normal size !! Someone at work used the "trout pout" which I'd never heard of. I have now Googled the term and voila, here I am !! Thank goodness my trout pout will return to normal soon - meanwhile I look like the surgeon has gone to town with the old collagen! cheers, Hels, Australia
PS: Let's not forget the Queen of the Hollywood Trout Pout, Lisa Rinna


Jolie's lips are definitely real, that's why there's no fish. If you live in LA or New York, you can just tell. Real lips have nuance and curves. Enhanced lips don't. And Jon Voight's lips and even her brother's are arguably bigger than hers.


OH NO, YOU DIDN'T... forget the Goodyear BlimpaLips of Melanie Griffith?

Me doth thinketh you, 14, are da bomb! :-)


What about Calista Flockhart and Terri Hatcher? Not only have their lips grown and shrunk in size from month to month, but they seem to grow in inverse proportion to the shrinkage in their body fat. Perhaps they are having all their fat liposuctioned into vials which are then injected into their lips. Great recycling.


Jolie's lips do seem to fluctuate in girth. I know I've seen the photos of her when she was a child, but that doesn't mean they haven't been "enhanced."


Hilarious art, but Fig. 3 is too big to be Lara Flynn Boyle.


I tried to match Beyond Borders and could not due to the size of Jolie's NATURAL lips. Her dr. on set must have been using extra strength filler. They actually grew from scene to scene. My 11 yr. was shocked too.


x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
Loving the site!!

I'll be checking back all the time!

from Bek(Australia)

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Lovin' it

As much as I can't stand Jolie, her lips really do belong to her. Lucky girl.

Funny painting. And you hit it on the head. I wonder if these crazy women know how foolish they look?


Where's the Jolie fish?

candy b

I used to think one of Meg Ryan's most provocative and beautiful features was the shape of her mouth and its smile.

Seeing that she's destroyed it with an overzealous amount of collagen, her plastic surgeon should have his license revoked and anyone around her who tells her she looks great now should feel ashamed.

John Di Saia MD

This is hilarious. Another blogger posted a link to her citation at her blog. I posted it at mine and will add the direct link to you as well.

John Di Saia MD


ROFLMAO!! Wow, superb work! Hilarious! My thoughts exactly put into art. Great job!


These are absolutely fabulous. You really are amazingly talented. You truly have an eye. Again, Amazing!

Solipsistic Halo

Hey,you forgot that washed up, boob flashin' supersore from "American's Top Model."
No,the one next to Tyra.


Awesome, just awesome.


There's just something hilarious about live Barbie dolls. You might look for more artistic inspiration on I've also read something elsewhere about a Botox complication called the "Evil Eyebrow" -- the center of the brow collapses from too many of the toxic injections. Fascinating. A trout by any other name would smell as sweet...........




capturing the souless, you go girl!

Viper Tetsu

Hysterically brilliant, natch.

14, you need to market a whole school of stuffed Trout Pouts with suction cups strategically placed in the lipular area. It'd beat the hell outta 'Baby on Board' signs or stuffed Garfields stuck on the back car window...

Is it just me, or is there something wrong with someone whose artificially-enhanced upper lip is bigger around than their right arm?


Dead On as usual. Do these women actually think their lumpy lips look natural?


It only lacks Madeleine Stowe. Why, Maddie, why?


WOW, you are an amazing characature artist!!! Very good eye...

Knuckles McGillicutty

"Bait". Is that what the kids are calling it these days? I weep for the youth of today, honestly.


Yeah everybody said it already. :) You're talented.


Spot on--your caricatures are hilarious and your style is an inspiration to me. But please, please change those two instances of "it's" (it is) to "its" (possessive) before my head explodes. Thank you. Love, The Punctuation Nazi.




wow......just wow.
An idea: this could really grow some legs and pee on people if you incorperated the Dennis Rodman "worm" nickname.
You make me happy.

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