Gone Fishin'


I've taken on a project that's going to take me away from blogging for a little while. Back soon.

Say Goodbye to Circus Hour


Remember when I announced that all my newest celebrity gossip-inspired illustrations would appear on a new blog called Circus Hour? Well, scratch that. Effective today, Im coming home to Gallery of the Absurd and all my new work will be posted here.

I always enjoy indulging myself in various new experiences, but I found that I wasn't enjoying my other blog as much as I had anticipated. When I create art, I have to do so from my heart and can't be bothered with worrying about traffic statistics, comments, advertisers, whether my posts are linked on other sites, and all the other trappings of blogging as a business. Gallery of the Absurd will still feature art inspired by the craziness of Tom Cruise and other oddities of pop culture, but expect it to become a little more eclectic as I post other types of work here too.

While Candy Kirby and I have decided to part ways as blogging partners, we still enjoy collaborating and will continue to work on projects together. Find her new blog at here. Meanwhile, I'm in process of updating Gallery of the Absurd with all the art I created for Circus Hour and am also working on some upcoming posts. Stay tuned. (Above image: "A Spider Beside Her" ink and acrylic on paper. 2004)

Finally, Fashionable and Decorative Lamps For All Fish


It used to be that only deep-sea creatures who live in complete crushing darkness could afford fancy bioluminescent lamps, but now even the common carp, trout or guppy can access the power of light to make their lives more efficient and decorative. Medium: ink on paper, photoshop, arugula.

The Satyr Takes an Afternoon Stroll


I recently emerged from a mid-blog crisis and had to flee my studio for a week. Too much exposure to celebrity gossip can destroy your brain and blight your soul, so I had to take a little break to heal myself. I hope my readers understand. My regularly scheduled gossip-inspired posts will return tomorrow. Meanwhile, please enjoy the surrealistic nonsense of the following posts. Medium: Acrylic on board.

The Mobile Tea Cups of Madagascar


The saponification of the orally administered yellow-spotted hyrax shall diminish domestic ungulates who indulge in too many slurpies from the 7-11. Wild chive foam adorns the soft white belly of the magnificent stratified epidermis when showing sexual displays to the female species of osmotic terrestrial kittens. Permeable symbiotic harmony is tolerated only when cheez whiz and saltines are served upon lilies with exceptional hearing. Light travels in both waves and photons although German cats get in the way of horizontal migrations during the feast of Lent. The exquisite camoflauge of sparkling undulating farm equipment far outweighs that of predatorial chocolate zombies. A bouquet to inhale s-waves manifests dramatic monolouges of thoughtful submersions in tumultuous waves of pleasure. Synesthesia gains tawdry chamber music any time Pandora's box is opened during the passionate bloom of youth. Medium: Ink on antique paper, digital color.

Karma Chameleons


I know I promised not to post any more Botany in Wonderland illustrations, but I needed something up here to balance out the lurid image shown below. Besides, chameleons are MUCH more interesting than Jessica Simpson. I wish there was a tabloid magazine devoted to exposing the scandals of the Reptilia class. Medium: acrylic on paper, digital collage.

This Is The Last One, I Promise


Thanks everyone for putting up with my break from painting gossip. This is the last image from my Botany in Wonderland series that I'll be showing here, so please enjoy it while I get back to work painting Paris Hilton's hypertrophic toes. Medium: ink, watercolor on scanned 140 year-old paper, and a wee bit of Photoshop.

Interstellar Bodhi Beetle


If you gaze into the beetle long enough, you might be able to see them. Medium: acrylic on board.

I'll be back from vacation early next week and will return to posting paintings based on the nonsense of celebrity gossip. Coming soon: Paris Hilton, Janice Dickinson and the Demented Food Chipmunk!

The Five-Booted Grasshopper


The Five-Booted Grasshopper is one of several curious creatures from my Botany in Wonderland series. Scientists are at a loss to explain why this majestic creature wears only five boots when it has six legs and are puzzled further why it chooses to wear shiny vinyl stilettos when it could easily choose a shoe that provides more comfort and stability. This is an older piece and has been posted to another blog buried in the depths of Gallery of the Absurd. Medium: ink and watercolor on page of old book.

Botany in Wonderland


This is the sort of work I do when I'm not creating celebrity gossip-inspired content for this blog. For the past three years, I've been creating a collection of surreal botanical illustrations of the flora and fauna of imaginary worlds. Many of the illustrations from my Botany in Wonderland series contain mystical references, hidden codes, and inexplicable allegories. Some of the illustrations are meant to be viewed from multiple angles so that hidden creatures may be revealed. While I enjoy painting and laughing at the social commentary generated by celebrity gossip, my real passion lies in seeking out gardens of Earthly delight. Prints available here. Medium: watercolor and ink on a scanned page from my great great great grandmother's journal dating back to 1850.

Oh, and since we're on the subject of strange creatures, check this story out.